Defensores del mercado, contra los costos pensionales abusivos.

Tom Tugendhat es conservador, un "Member of Parliament" (MP) del Reino Unido. De ese conservatismo que cree en el mercado.

Como lo describe Robin Powell:
Advocates of indexing like myself have been given all sorts of labels over the years, but the one that really makes me smile is “Bolshevik”. That particular insult (if indeed you consider it one) came in a rather bizarre opinion piece in the FT by the US fund manager Ken Fisher. We were, he said, “deliverers of drivel.. communists at heart, (who) disbelieve in markets and will surely rot in hell”.

Apart from the irony that indexers actually have a far stronger belief in markets than those who invest they money with the likes of Mr Fisher, the most prominent proponents of evidence-based investing tend, if anything, to be somewhere in the middle or indeed to the right of the political spectrum. Jack Bogle, for instance, though not a fan of Donald Trump, is a lifelong Republican.

One of the leading campaigners for greater transparency in the asset management industry in the UK is a Conservative MP, Tom Tugendhat. He first became aware of the issue when he looked into the fees and charges he was paying on this own investment portfolio.

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Que no nos tachen de fanatismo político: el problema de las pensiones es de todos, sin importar simpatía política.